Why is the current system being replaced?
The Cosumnes CSD Parks and Recreation Department has been using CLASS software since 2003 as its primary recreation management software. CLASS is an end of life system which will no longer be supported by the vendor and must be retired. After exploring a range of new recreation management software options, staff decided to make the transition to ACTIVE Net as it provided a familiar user experience while also offering new and more powerful tools to better support user needs.

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1. Why is the current system being replaced?
2. What are the advantages of Active Net?
3. When will Active Net be implemented?
4. Is Active Net secure?
5. How do I create a new Active Net account?
6. What happens to the CLASS account I already had?
7. How many accounts should each family have?
8. Will I be able to view the available activities before registration opens?
9. Can I view activities without signing in?
10. What's the best way to search for activities and leagues?
11. How do I register for an activity?
12. Can I purchase a membership online?
13. Can I view my transaction history and print out my past receipts?
14. Can I view a schedule of my upcoming activities?
15. What if I don't want to use Active Net to register for activities?
16. What if I have a question that is not listed here?