Park and Golf Operations


8820 Elk Grove Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95624


Link: Park Operations Page

Name Title Email Phone
Sims, Steve Director of Parks and Neighborhood Services 916-405-5300
Repetti, Jeff Park Maintenance Manager 916-405-5645
Hudson, Brian Landscape Maintenance Inspector 916-869-2376
Garcia, Alvaro Landscape Maintenance Inspector 916-405-5649
Stewart, Randy Park Maintenance Supervisor 916-405-5649
Kotow, Louren Park Maintenance Manager 916-405-5646
Lepper, Alex Park Maintenance Supervisor 916-405-5651
Moscato, Jonathan Park Maintenance Supervisor 916-405-5638
Manges, Rachele Senior Management Analyst 916-405-5305
Branco, Josh Management Analyst 916-405-5332
Alcanices, Eileen Management Analyst 916-405-7168
Dawson, Pamela Administrative Specialist 916-405-5308
Hatch, Lauren Asst. Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5615
Urbano, Gilbert Park Maintenance Manager 916-685-4653
Stebbins, Justin Maintenance Supervisor - Golf Maintenance 916-685-4653
Hamilton, PGA, Katie Golf Professional 916-926-2660