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Posted on: June 10, 2019

Cosumnes Fire Receives Award for High Performance CPR

High Performance CPR Training

Cosumnes Fire Department was among five recipients from across the nation honored with the ZOLL® Pulse Award. The award recognizes individuals who demonstrate commitment to using data to improve patient outcome and/or operational efficiency. 

Cosumnes Fire and its providers were recognized for the impact of improved patient care after implementation of High Performance CPR, utilization of the ZOLL® CPR feedback Dashboard, and CPR Report Summary. The CPR feedback Dashboard measures performance of the resuscitation of the cardiac arrest victim in real time and allows for data visualization on how to improve.  The Report Summary allows the crew involved in the patient care to review after the incident and look for further areas of improvement.

The measure of improvements is evident by the increase in Bystander CPR, use of public AED’s, return of pulses and complete recovery of the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients.  From 2017 to 2018, Cosumnes Fire saw the percentage rate of neurologically intact survivors double, an 8% increase of CPR performed by law enforcement and a 4% increase in Bystander CPR. Last year, 10 cardiac arrest survivors and their first responders were recognized by the department.

This was achieved through on-going public education, crew training, immediate feedback and a driving commitment by Cosumnes Fire Paramedics and EMT’s to be the best in what they do. 

“Since I have been in this position, I have been exposed to many agencies throughout the world that are setting very high standards in EMS. I am very proud to say that we rank equal to or above many of them,” stated Eddie Raschein, EMS Specialist and veteran Firefighter/Paramedic with Cosumnes Fire.  

Raschein and the Cosumnes Fire EMS Education Team first learned the principals of High Performance CPR at a Resuscitation Academy in Bakersfield in October 2017. After extensive training for their own personnel, they accelerated their mission by teaching High Performance CPR to local police officers and other first responders in the region. Training these local partners increases the odds that the first person on the scene of a cardiac arrest can immediately activate High Performance CPR and significantly increase the odds of resuscitation and recovery.

It is through the continual dedication and “exceeding expectations” attitude of Cosumnes Fire to improve the care delivered to the most critical of patients, that significant improvements have been realized.

Cosumnes Fire Chief Mike McLaughlin stated, “This international recognition is a credit to each and every Cosumnes Fire member who embraced this unique approach to cardiac arrest incidents, which has led us to be the regional leader in this area and the recipient of the distinctive honor.”

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