Elk Grove Nature Park

A Park With Purpose

Utilizing green infrastructure approaches, this future nature park located behind the Cosumnes Community Services District Administration Building (8820 Elk Grove Blvd.) will manage stormwater runoff, provide wildlife habitat, promote environmental awareness, and contribute to the wellbeing of our Elk Grove Community.

Community Collaboration

We want your opinion! The feedback received from our online survey and from participants of the virtual event will help influence the final master plan of this park. See the full conceptual design here.

Conceptual Plan

Elk Grove Nature Park Concept Plan Draft


Tell us what you want to see in this nature park by completing a quick online survey by May 28.

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This park outreach meeting will be held virtually! Our Nature Park Team will guide you through the project and answer your questions.

  • Thursday, May 28 at 6 p.m.
  • Send your questions in advance through the survey.
  • Join us on: Facebook or Zoom

Green Infrastructure in Parks

Green stormwater infrastructure in parks offer an effective way to positively impact environmental and social change. Projects can mitigate the effects of climate-related weather events, improve community health, increase access to green space and nature, and provide opportunities for education, employment and social inclusion.

Green infrastructure uses natural processes to filter and slow the flow of stormwater to protect communities from flooding and restore waterways. Examples of green infrastructure projects include rain gardens, bioswales, constructed wetlands, daylighted streams and permeable pavements.

This site in Elk Grove is receiving grant funding through the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Great Urban Parks Campaign. The Great Urban Parks Campaign aims to demonstrate the social and environmental benefits of green stormwater infrastructure in underserved communities — including increased public access to recreational opportunities and access to nature via parks.

For more information about the Great Urban Parks Campaign, visit NRPA's website. To learn more about the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure in parks, watch this video:

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