MacDonald Park

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  • Playground 5-12
  • Multipurpose Field

Park & Landscape Assessment Ballot

On March 6, 2019, the Cosumnes CSD Board of Directors (Board) passed a resolution directing staff to move forward with the creation of the Camden Estates & Camden Pointe Improvement District. Residents in this area have expressed interest in creating this overlay assessment, in addition to what they already pay to fund Benefit Zone 3, in order to increase landscape maintenance services in their neighborhood.

Before this assessment can be levied it must first be approved by a weighted majority of property owners. In accordance with Proposition 218, ballots will be mailed to the affected property owners on May 1, and the balloting period will continue through June 19. On June 19, the Board will hold a public hearing for the proposed assessment district, the conclusion of which will mark the close of the balloting period. The public hearing will be held in the Board Chambers at the Cosumnes CSD Administrative Office, 8820 Elk Grove Boulevard, at 6:30PM.

The Cosumnes CSD will host a neighborhood outreach meeting for the proposed district in order to provide information, and answer residents’ questions. The neighborhood outreach meeting for the Camden Estates & Camden Pointe Improvement District is scheduled for 6PM on May 9 at MacDonald Park.

Please review the documents below if you would like more information on this proposed district:

If approved, the overlay assessments will be levied beginning in Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

For questions or concerns, contact Park & Golf Operations at (916) 405-5688.