Tiny Tot Friendship Corner

Elk Grove Recreation Center
8828 Elk Grove Blvd., Room #3

My name is Lorena Recinos-Brown and I am extremely excited to be the preschool teacher at the Tiny Tot Friendship Corner. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with emphasis in child development and behavior modification from California State University of Sacramento.   I’ve had the joy of teaching for 20 years from toddlers to kindergarten. I believe each child is unique and their contagious enthusiasm for life, learning, and exploration makes my job very special and rewarding. It is a great responsibility and privilege to be your child’s teacher. I know that together we can create a positive first school experience. I will foster a safe and loving environment where they will grow and love to learn.

Lorena Recinos-Brown
Lorena Recinos-Brown
  Preschool Teacher