Fire Prevention Bureau

The Cosumnes Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for providing the communities of Elk Grove and Galt with specialized prevention services related to fire, life, occupational, property, and environmental safety. Such diverse services as fire safety plan reviews and fire investigation are part of what the Bureau does to help keep our communities safe.

The Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal reports to the Deputy Fire Chief of Administration and leads the Fire Prevention Bureau with responsibility for oversight of; 1) code enforcement; 2) inspection of new and existing occupancies; 3) plan review and construction inspection; 4) fire investigation; 5) public education; and 6) sub-budget management. The Fire Marshal supervises the Fire Prevention staff, which includes six Fire Inspectors, and a Fire Investigation/Code Enforcement Officer.

The Annual Inspection and Code Enforcement Program is primarily responsible for inspection of existing occupancies for compliance with the appropriate California Building regulations (e.g. the California Fire Code, and applicable NFPA standards). Occupancies are typically assigned regular inspections based on statutory requirements to conduct life safety inspections in certain occupancy types. This program area also encompasses the Vegetation Management Program. This program’s primary purpose is to limit the potential sources of fuel for fire through abatement of combustible rubbish and vegetation to create “defensible space” around properties. This “defensible space” allows firefighters to effectively stop fires from spreading from open space areas to homes and properties.

The Plan Review and Construction Inspection Programs are primarily responsible for plan review, new construction inspections, and fire and life safety systems acceptance testing. This testing ensures that life safety systems are installed per the approved plans and will operate as designed when needed.

The Fire Investigation Program is responsible for determining origin and cause of fire. In the coming year, the Department is implementing a new “Shift Investigator” program with the intent of educating more of our members in fire investigation techniques and creating a sustainable investigation program for the future. The Fire investigators work closely with other law enforcement personnel from our County and City agencies to affect the successful investigation, arrest, prosecution, and conviction of arsonists.

The Public Education Program provides a long list of valuable programs to the public to promote and teach fire safety to all ages through a variety of delivery methods. The programs range from teaching parents on how to properly install car seats, to assisting senior citizens in learning how to recognize and eliminate hazards in their home.