Local Parks

As the smallest park classification, Local Parks are often referred to as pocket parks or tot lots. Local parks range from 1,500 square feet to 3 acres and include amenities such as small playgrounds targeted for ages 2‐5, small sport court, swings, benches, and landscaping. Local Parks typically have a localized service radius of 1‐quarter mile and include passive and active land usage, reflecting the overall standards of the entire park system. Local Parks serve limited and/or isolated recreational needs.
Park Details
  • Size: 0 to 3 acres
  • Service radius: 0.25 mile
  • Site selection: On a local street in a residential neighborhood. Where possible, next to a school, encourage location to link subdivisions and linked by trails to other parks
  • Length of stay: One hour experience or less
  • Amenities: Small playgrounds for ages 2‐5 and 5‐12 with some shaded elements, swings, benches, small sport court, small picnic shelter, gardens, and landscaping
  • Revenue facilities: None
  • Land usage: 90% active/10% passive
  • Programming: None
  • Parking: None. Traffic calming devices encouraged next to park
  • Lighting: Security only