Future Parks

Laguna Ridge (LR) Parks

The Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) and the City of Elk Grove are partnering in the planning and building of parks in the Laguna Ridge area of Elk Grove. Laguna Ridge is generally located south of Elk Grove Boulevard, west of West Stockton Boulevard, North of Bilby Road, and east of Bruceville Road.  

Singh and Kaur Park (Step 8: Construction)

The CSD Board of Directors approved the Master Plan on September 6, 2017 for this 5 acre park which is located within the Madeira East development.
Learn more about Singh and Kaur Park.
*Construction is scheduled to begin March 2020, dependent on weather and soil conditions (update as of 02/25/20)

Oasis Community Park (Step 8: Construction)

Oasis Park is a 20 acre community park site located on Whitelock Parkway and Knox Drive. Community outreach for this park was held on July 9 and September 17, 2015.
Learn more about Oasis Community Park

MacDonald Park (Step 3: Environmental Documentation)

MacDonald Park is a 2.1 acre neighborhood park located on Spring Azure Way and Beckington Drive. Community Outreach for this park was held on September 24, 2019. Learn more about MacDonald Park.

Town Square Park (Step 2: Public Involvement)

Town Square Park is a 6.2 acre neighborhood park located at 3020 Renwick Avenue in the West Laguna Neighborhood. Community Outreach for this park will be held on October 24, 2019. Learn more about Town Square Park.

Morse Community Park Dog Park Upgrade (Now Open)

Morse Community Dog Park is a 1.3 acre park located on Bellaterra Drive. Community Outreach for this park was held on July 10, 2018. Learn more about Morse Park Dog Park.

Project Location Type Progress
Singh and Kaur Park Laguna Ridge area New Park  Step 8: Construction  
McConnell Park  Hampton Oaks area Renovation Now Open  
Oasis Community Park Laguna Ridge area New Park Step 8: Construction
Batey Park Laguna area Revitalization Now Open  
Wackman Park Laguna area Revitalization Now Open  
George Park  East Franklin area New Park Now Open
McDonald Park Phase 2 Spring Azure Way Phase 2 Step 3: Environmental Documentation  

Town Square Park Renwick Avenue Revitalization  Step 2: Public Involvement  
Sheldon Place Hawley Way New Park Unscheduled