Plan Review and Inspections

Rolls of blueprints.

COVID-19 Plan Submittal Adjustments

Call and schedule an appointment with the Plan Intake Coordinator to submit, pick up or pay for a plan review (916-405-7100).

To submit plans electronically: 

  • Email the plan, application and supporting documents. 
  • Plans that are too large to email shall be provided with a link in which to download the submittal package. 
  • Plans, application and supporting documents shall be in three separate files.

Submit a Plan

  • A submittal consists of a completed Plan Check Application (PDF), fee payment, and two (2) sets of paper plans or an electronic plan submittal along with supporting documents.
  • Separate applications, fees, and plan submittals are required for each plan type (e.g., civil plans, architectural plans, fire sprinkler plans, fire alarm plans, etc.). 
  • Incomplete submittals will not be processed. Plan submittals consisting of multiple plan types will not be separated by our staff.

Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround time for plan review of first submittals is 15 business days. The standard turnaround time for review of second and subsequent submittals is 10 business days. All plans are reviewed in the order of the date received.

Application and Fees

Request an Inspection

To request a fire inspection, call our Inspection Request line at 916-405-7117, and leave the requested information. You will be contacted to schedule your inspection within 48 hours. Please do not call an inspector to request an inspection, you will be directed to the inspection request line. 

  • At the time of Inspection, make sure the following are available on-site:
  • A copy of the permit card
  • Approved plans if plan review was required
  • Any equipment needed to do the inspection, such as a ladder. 

If the job site is not ready for inspection or fails each additional inspection will be conducted at a fee.