Cold Weather Safety

Cosumnes Fire Department officials want everyone to be prepared for cold weather temperatures.

Residents are encouraged to initiate their own preparedness measures in anticipation of freezing temperatures and the possibility of power outages in some areas.

Winter Storms Can Be Deadly

  • Extreme cold can cause hypothermia (an extreme lowering of the body’s temperature) and death.
  • Fireplaces, emergency heaters, and candles can cause household fires.
  • Toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, emitted from some devices can cause asphyxiation (unconsciousness or death from a lack of oxygen).

During the Coldest Periods

  • Close off unused rooms
  • If possible, stay indoors and dress warmly
A thermometer with the words "Cold Weather Tips" written on the image.
Cold Weather Tips
  • Prepare An Emergency Supplies Kit
  • Learn about Home Preparedness
  • Keep Older Adults and Kids Safe
  • Protect Your Pets