Program Information

Camp Jr. Guard is a fun, interactive, engaging summer camp that builds the confidence, fitness, and self-esteem of all campers. Each week, Camp Jr. Guard is exciting, filled with fun games, art projects, swimming and of course, learning skills to become a lifeguard!

  • Ages 11-15 years
  • $175/session


Campers will get the opportunity to become certified in a variety of different American Red Cross certifications based on that week’s camp theme including First Aid, Adult and Child CPR, and Basic Water Rescue! Learn from the best what it takes to be a lifeguard and train alongside CSD’s lifeguards every Friday!

At Camp Jr. Guard you will not only discover lifeguarding and have fun, but you’ll make great friends along the way.

Please bring the following items with you daily: 
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Swim suit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Lunch


Tested on the first day:
  • Swim 100 yards front crawl
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Retrieve a 10-pound brick from 7 feet of water

Schedule Information

Each Camp Jr. Guard session is held Monday - Friday from 9 am - 4 pm. 
Sessions rotate between Wackford Aquatic Complex and Elk Grove Aquatics Center.
Lifeguard Like the Pros (Pediatric CPR & AED) - Wackford Aquatic Complex
 #12432 6/3-6/7
Uh-Oh! Emergency Preparedness (Bloodborne Pathogens) - Wackford Aquatic Complex
#12433 6/10-6/14
Pool of Panic (Basic First Aid) - Elk Grove Aquatics Center
#12434 6/17-6/21
*Extreme Aquatic Athletes (Emergency Oxygen) - Elk Grove Aquatics Center
#12435 6/24-6/28
No Class the week of Independence Day 7/2-7/6
Water Training With a Twist (Basic Water Rescue) - Wackford Aquatic Complex
#12436 7/8-7/12
Shock Thru the Heart (Adult CPR and AED) - Wackford Aquatic Complex
#12437 7/15-7/19
Jr. WSI (Babysitting) - Elk Grove Aquatics Center
#12438 7/22-7/26
*Golden Guards (Jr. Guard Certificate) - Elk Grove Aquatics Center
#12439 7/29-8/2

*Participants will spend Thursday, June 27 and Thursday, August 1 at the CSD Fire Headquarters. Please plan to drop-off and pick-up your child at the CSD Fire Headquarters on those dates.
Lifeguard Like the Pros
Think you have what it takes to be a Lifeguard? This week will have campers learning and using water skills necessary to save a life in the pool. Learn what Lifeguard’s do all day at the pool and understand the techniques of: surveillance, zone coverage, customer service, decision making, water entries, surface dives, reaching rescues, surface rescues, deep water rescues, and extrication from the pool. Learn to work as a team and make split second decisions. This week at camp will be high energy and filled with fun games and activities that will leave you wanting more! The last day includes a real life scenario challenge that all Jr. Guards will assess, react, perform, and treat. Earn your American Red Cross certificate in Pediatric CPR and AED.
Water Training with a Twist
If you love to swim, then jump right into the water for this session at Camp Jr. Guard! This week you will be tested in everything that has to do with water. This is not swim team practice, but instead lifeguard water training that includes: approach strokes, relays, everything but the kitchen sink, tread water, rescue tube use, up and outs, surface dives, brick retrieval, mannequin retrieval, and much more. Instructors will assist with proper swimming strokes, strength, and conditioning so that you can respond to a drowning with speed and accuracy Get ready to be trained by the best, to become the best! Earn your American Red Cross certificate in Basic Water Rescue.
Uh-Oh! Emergency Preparation
Learn how to prepare, respond, and care for people prior to and during an emergency. Emergencies come in many forms and together with your fellow Jr. Guard’s you will prepare not only for aquatic emergencies but also: earthquakes, floods, power outage, missing child and lock down procedures. Unexpected emergencies such as a fire, finding someone unconscious, or a sudden illness occur frequently. This week you will learn how to respond to these emergencies, learn important first aid skills, disaster preparedness, controlling the scene, and train with the Fire Department on specific skills such as fire extinguishers and evacuation plans. Lifeguards are first responders and should be prepared for any situation. Safety first and safety always! Earn your American Red Cross certificate in Blood Borne Pathogens.
Pool of Panic
We are taking basic first aid and kicking it up a notch this week! Campers will learn how to respond to multiple emergency situations…at once! Focus will be on learning how to triage, work as a team, delegate, and most of all communicate. Instructors will come up with awesome scenarios that will test camper’s first aid knowledge and give them confidence and the skills needed to one day become a lifeguard. We just might have a zombie apocalypse on the last day of camp, you won’t want to miss out on this fun, crazy week at camp. Earn your American Red Cross certificate in Basic First Aid.
Shock Thru the Heart
This week focuses on what is CPR and how to perform CPR. Learn signs and symptoms of a heart attack and what happens to the heart during cardiac arrest. Learn what an AED (automated external defibrillator) is and how these tools can save a life. CPR is a tough skill to perform and we will add to it by having you perform it blind folded, after water rescues, and in unique places such as on stairs. You will also learn how to perform CPR on a child and infant. The real fun comes when you do it all in a relay using water skills and CPR skills against real lifeguards to test what you have learned. The skills learned this week could save the life of a family member or friend. Earn your American Red Cross certificate in Adult CPR and AED.
Jr. WSI 
Lifeguard’s do so much more then prepare for emergencies, practice rescue skills, and perform CPR. They are ambassadors for water safety and teach learn to swim techniques to a variety of ages. This week will focus on Jr. Guards as swim instructors. You will understand the importance of water safety and learning to swim at an early age. A small clinic will be held introducing all six strokes plus safety skills, and then you will learn how to instruct these skills using our current swim lesson program. Topics include: trust, learning techniques, stages of learning, stroke development, life skills and survival skills. Earn your certificate in Babysitters Training.
Xtreme Aquatic Athletics
Awesome games and extreme fun will be had this week as your completive spirit comes out with different games that can be played in the water. Primary focus will be on the oldest Olympic team sport played in the pool, water polo. No horse’s need only you and 6 of your friends make up a team as this game crosses swimming, soccer, basketball, and hockey into one. Other activities will include: swim races, relay races, springboard diving instruction, and many popular pool games. Earn your American Red Cross certificate in Administering Emergency Oxygen.
Golden Guards
The final week of Camp Jr. Guards is the best of the best. Take all the knowledge and experience you’ve gained at Camp Jr. Guard and put it to work! Their skills will be put to test in fun, awesome, and crazy emergency scenarios, both on deck and in the pools. Working in teams, campers will not only learn team work, but focus on effective communication, leadership, and having fun! This week will be filled with exciting twist and turns, expect the unexpected in Golden Guards! Earn your CSD Jr. Guard certificate.


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