Rates & Registration Information

Rates & Fees

Kid Central 2019-2020 rates and fees (PDF)

Registration Information

Initial registration for all Kid Central programs can be completed online or in person at one of the CSD registration offices.

The registration packet, which includes a current Emergency Information Form (PDF), the Registration Contract (PDF) and Parent Handbook (PDF), takes approximately 30 minutes to read through and complete. Initial registration must be completed for each child, prior to the first session that the child will attend the program, and at least 1 day prior to the child’s first day of attendance. Separate forms must be completed for each child enrolled in the program. *Sample forms are available for reference.  Registration packets are available at CSD registration offices.

Registration forms must be updated annually for each program. An annual membership fee is due at the time of initial registration and at the start of each new school year. Membership fee and session registration fees are due at least 1 day in advance. There is no membership fee for Summer Camp.
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