1985 - 2001

1985 Merger With Elk Grove Recreation & Park District
In 1985, the Department merged with the Elk Grove Recreation and Park District to form the Elk Grove Community Services District (CSD).

1987 Firefighter Internship Program
In 1987, the Department joined forces with Cosumnes River College to create a firefighter internship program. Hundreds of students have come through the program and gained the skills they need to join the fire service.

Station 72 Dedicated to Otto F. Hansen
Also in 1987, Station 72 in the Franklin area was dedicated to Otto F. Hansen. Otto attended the original opening of Station 72 in 1971 and the dedication in 1987 was done on his 80th birthday. Otto began his career with the Elk Grove Fire District as a volunteer firefighter in 1928 at the original Station 2. He came up through the fire district ranks as a captain and was eventually hired as the Assistant Fire Chief in charge of the Franklin area in June 1934 for a salary of $25 a month.

1989 4th Fire Station Opened
The District opened the area’s fourth fire station in November 1989, located at 6501 Laguna Park Drive. Station 74 was dedicated to Marvin “Bud” Jones. Bud began his service with the Elk Grove Fire Protection District at the age of 13 as a volunteer firefighter. Bud remained with the Elk Grove Fire District throughout his professional career and served as the volunteer Fire Chief in 1934. He became a member of the Elk Grove Fire District Board of Directors in the 1940s and remained in this position for many years. Fire Station 74 was rededicated to Bud Jones on July 23, 2005 during the grand re-opening held after a major remodel had been completed.

1990 Chief Derr Retired

Chief Derr retired as Fire Chief in June of 1990, but continued as CSD General Manager through 1991.
Tom Fischlin took the reins from Chief Derr as Fire Chief in 1990. During Chief Fischlin’s tenure, the Fire Department transitioned from a combination (volunteer/paid-call) department to a career department in 1996. Twenty-six line personnel were hired during the Department’s first career hiring process. Several of the Department’s volunteers transitioned to full-time employment through this hiring process.

1997 Chief Fischlin Retired
Chief Fischlin retired in 1997. The District hired Mark Meaker, an assistant chief with 25 years of experience in what is now known as the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, to serve as Fire Chief.

3 New Stations Opened

During this time, the Elk Grove area experienced a housing boom with a significant increase in population that led to the opening of three new fire stations.

1997 Pager System Installed
In 1997, the Department instituted an alphanumeric pager system to recall personnel during major emergencies and disasters.

1999 Fitness Program Implemented
A comprehensive wellness (fitness) program was implemented in 1999 to help maintain the health and wellness of first responders.

1999 5th Fire Station Opened
In 1999, the Elk Grove Fire Department opened its fifth fire station in the Laguna West area near Interstate 5 at 2300 Maritime Drive and hired 15 additional fire fighting personnel.

Dedicated to Chief Gerald H. Derr
It became Fire Station 75 and was dedicated to Chief Gerald H. Derr. Gerald was allowed to join the Elk Grove Volunteer Fire Department as a volunteer fireman in 1949, at the age of 15. In 1957, he was appointed Assistant Fire Chief, and then promoted to the position of Fire Chief in 1969. Derr was instrumental in the formation of the Elk Grove Community Services District in 1985, and served as both Fire Chief and General Manager. On June 30, 1990, Chief Derr retired from his position as Fire Chief and the following year, on December 31, 1991, he retired as General Manager of the Elk Grove CSD. Chief Derr was elected to the Elk Grove Community Services District Board of Directors in 2000. He served on the Board for eight years before retiring in 2008 with over 51 years of service to the Department and the District.

1999 Sheldon Station Moved
Also in 1999, the Sheldon area station was moved closer to the District’s urban core to its current location at 9607 Bond Road.

Dedicated to George Beitzel II
The new Station 73 was dedicated to George Beitzel II. George joined the Elk Grove Fire Service in the 1930s as a volunteer firefighter. He was a dedicated volunteer who went so far as to keep a fire engine at his ranch to fight grass fires in the Sheldon area. George was elected to the Elk Grove Fire Protection District Board of Directors on March 11, 1958 and served the Board for more than 25 years. He served as Chairman of the Fire District Board for several terms and was the founding President of the Elk Grove Community Services District Board of Directors when the District was formed in 1985. Upon his retirement from the Board, George was appointed President Emeritus in recognition of his many contributions to the fire service and the people throughout the District.

2001 6th Fire Station Opened
A sixth fire station was opened at 8545 Sheldon Road in November 2001, and another hiring process expanded the Fire Department's personnel base by 15 line personnel.

Dedicated to Charles (Charley) B. Angell
Fire Station 76 was dedicated to Charles (Charley) B. Angell. Charley joined the Elk Grove Fire Protection District as a volunteer firefighter in 1959 and in 1962 earned the honor of being the first paid fire fighter in the District. He was instrumental in the restoration and maintenance of the Association’s 1925 Seagrave fire engine as well as the collection of antique hose carts. Charley was involved in forming the California Firemen’s Muster Association in the 1970s and served two terms as the organization’s president in the 1980s. Charley was elected by the residents of Elk Grove to the Elk Grove Community Services District Board of Directors in 1988 and re-elected to a second term in 1992.

State of the Art Fleet
Apparatus and equipment acquisitions have resulted in a state-of-the art fleet. A dual-purpose Pierce rescue-pumper, a Pierce pumper-water tender, and two Pierce urban interface combination structure-grass engines were acquired by the Department in 2000. A state-issued California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) engine was added in 2001 to render automatic aid throughout the state for wildland fires and/or other state emergencies and disasters.