1951 - 1985

A photo taken in 1951 of a Fire Medic and his Crew
New Apparatus
From 1951 - 1966, a number of apparatus were purchased, including a 1931 Fageol, a 1950 International-Howe, a 1958 Ford, and a 1953 Dodge that had been converted from a cattle truck to a fire engine.

New Firehouse 1968
The original metal firehouse on Elk Grove Boulevard was moved around 1968 and a new four-stall metal building was constructed to house the apparatus. On July 1, 1969, Volunteer Assistant Chief Gerald Derr was appointed Fire Chief when Chief Perry Schulze assumed the duties of Fire Marshal. Derr had served as a volunteer since 1949 prior to his appointment to the position of Fire Chief.

Station One Relocated 1975
Station One was relocated again in 1975. The new building was located at 8760 Elk Grove Boulevard – where it continues to serve as Station 71 today. A remodel in 2001 occurred, allowing the station to meet the functional demands of a full time engine and medic crew. Station 71 is named for former Assistant Chief Frank Everson.

1975 Staff & Statistics
In 1975, the Department consisted of Chief Gerald Derr, Deputy Chief Clifford Angell, Fire Marshal Robert Edwards, Assistant Chiefs Paul Betschart and Otto Hansen, Secretary-Dispatcher Virginia Schulze, four full-time captains, two engineers, two full-time fire fighters, and fifty active volunteers.

Most of the fire fighters were also Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). The Department responded to 922 emergency calls during the 1975-76 fiscal year. It operated a fleet of 18 fire vehicles, including two ambulances. In 1978 the District hired a private ambulance company, Mobile Emergency Medical Systems, to provide emergency medical services. In 1980, Kit Carver became the first certified paramedic in Sacramento County.

Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center 1985
The Department has worked, and continues to work, closely with other Sacramento County fire service agencies and actively participates in countywide utilization of the Incident Command System (ICS). Cooperation amongst the region’s fire service agencies resulted in the creation of the Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center in 1985. This effort consolidated fire and emergency medical 9-1-1 dispatching services for all of Sacramento County. Additionally, a countywide boundary drop system was established that continues to provide the Department with the ability to mobilize resources from over 85 fire stations in the area to respond to major incidents.