CSD Giant Pumpkin Festival of Elk Grove - Celebrating 17 years

Festival Activity Highlights

Join the Crew
Every vessel needs good mates. If you’re lookin’ fer a chance to make a difference, sign up to be a volunteer.

"Shiver Me Pumpkins!"
Feast yer eyes upon the great orange orbs as they hit the scales Saturday morn. The giant pumpkin weigh-off returns on Saturday. Can a new California record be set? It happened last year at this very event. And the lucky Jack with the heftiest pumpkin will take home treasures valued at $6/lb.

Oh Buoy…the Pumpkin Boats are Back!
Sunday will feature the 5th annual Pumpkin Regatta, a fierce boat-like competition featuring the giant orange orbs and some brave souls who will attempt to row them across Strauss Lake. Captains will assemble their entries beginning at 11 am. The race to the planks commences at Noon. Winner takes home $250 and a commemorative pumpkin oar.

Scarecrows of the Caribbean
Design a scarecrow with a pirate flair for this year’s Festival and you could earn a bit of booty for yerself. Competition is scheduled in five different categories. First place in each category takes home $250. All entries must be appropriate for a family audience. Deadline for entries is September 23. Details are available under the Contest section.

We’re Releasing the Kraken…
Carnival games, a pumpkin patch, two children’s areas, and an inflatable sea monster -- the Festival will offer activities and attractions that will have the whole family going “Yo ho!”

Music to Soothe Even a Savage Pirate
Entertainment for buccaneers big and small will perform from two Festival stages all weekend long including the surf sounds of southern California group, Safety Orange on Saturday and a puppet show entitled Tommy’s Pirate Adventure on Sunday.

More than Just Salt Pork and Average Ship Fare
Naer’ a dozen groups will be on hand to satisfy your hunger for festival food including pumpkin treats and fried feasts for the gullet.

Let Our Pirates Raid Your Refrigerator
Need a reminder about the festival dates, times, and location? Print our festival event flier. It makes great refrigerator art.

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October 1 and 2, 2011

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

 Elk Grove Regional Park

Event Schedule

Contest Information:
 Pumpkin Produce Contest
 Scarecrow Contest
 Scarecrow Contest Guidelines
 Dessert Recipe Contest

2011 Contest Results:
 Pumpkin and Produce Weigh-off
 Scarecrow Contest
 Recipe Contest

2010 Contest Results:
 Pumpkin and Produce Weigh-off
 Pumpkin Regatta Race
 Scarecrow Contest
 Recipe Contest

2009 Contest Results:
 Pumpkin and Produce Weigh-off
 Pumpkin Regatta Race
 Scarecrow Contest
 Recipe Contest

2008 Contest Results:
 Pumpkin and Produce Weigh-off
 Scarecrow Contest
 Recipe Contest

2007 Contest Results:
 Pumpkin Weigh-off
 Scarecrow Contest
 Recipe Contest

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