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Laguna Creek Parkway TrailHit the Trail
Laguna Creek Parkway features an off-street trail system to explore the scenic treasures of Elk Grove as it parallels and traverses the flow of the Elk Grove, Laguna and Whitehouse Creeks. The multi-use trail dips into suburban wilderness offering rejuvenating exercise such as biking, walking and horseback riding, and outdoor recreation pursuits including birdwatching, fishing and photography. The trail passes through centuries old wetlands, wildlife habitats, open spaces and neighborhood parks. For a preview of the wildlife and vegetation you will see along the trail check out the Laguna Creek Parkway brochure.

The trail system is expanded as development occurs. Currently the longest stretch of trail takes hikers and bikers 2.25 miles. To locate this and other segments of trail throughout the community please see the Laguna Creek Parkway brochure and the Interactive Map.

Camden Park
Camden Park photo by Jacqui Roberts - SerenityJ Photography