CSD Logo Nottoli Park
SIZE 21.1 Acres
LOCATION 10050 East Taron Drive (south of), Southwest of Nestling Drive, East of Bobell Drive
BENEFIT ZONE Laguna/Stonelake (Zone 12)
DESCRIPTION This park contains a softball field with soccer field overly (lighted), Babe Ruth Baseball (lighted), jogging/bike trail, shade structure, open play area, picnic area with tables, playground equipment, parking lot and restrooms.
BIOGRAPHY Don is a native of Sacramento County. Born in Sacramento and raised in Galt - a town that he and his wife, Brenda, still make their home. He was a 1973 Galt High School graduate and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government/Journalism from California State University, Sacramento in 1978. Even before he left school, Don began to pursue a career in public service. In March 1977, he was elected to the Galt High School District Board (1977-1994). He also served on the Galt City Council from 1978-1979. In January 1979, he accepted the Chief Assistant position with Sacramento County Fifth District Supervisor, Toby Johnson.

In November 1994, Don was elected to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors representing the Fifth District. The District is vast - 700 square miles - and includes several other cities besides Elk Grove. Even so, Don has demonstrated time and again his commitment to Elk Grove. With nearly a quarter century of service on record, his accomplishments and contributions are extremely lengthy, they include:
  • Supporting the formation of the Community Services District (CSD) to better serve the community's park, recreation and emergency needs;
  • Working with the CSD to establish a developer fee structure to help fund the construction of new parks and fire stations;
  • Leading the effort to preserve the Bond Road oak tree at Elk Grove-Florin Road and supporting additional efforts to preserve Elk Grove oaks and native trees;
  • Assisting in negotiations for partnership agreements between the County of Sacramento and Elk Grove CSD for Elk Grove Regional Park and Clarence Frank Baker Park; and
  • Dedicating funds to support Elk Grove youth programs including Recreation on Campus (ROC), Destination Adventure, Open Night Saturday, Elk Grove Skate Park and many others.

Don serves the people of Sacramento County on a variety of boards and commissions including the Sacramento Employment & Training Agency, Delta Protection Commission, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, Sacramento Cable Commission, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Sacramento Public Library Authority, Sacramento Transportation Authority and the Sacramento Regional Transit District. Don has also served on the Board of Directors for People Reaching Out, a family drug and alcohol counseling and information center, and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Center for Youth Citizenship (CYC). As Third District Supervisor, Muriel Johnson, pointed out in a letter in support of Don's nomination, "It is obvious to all who know him that Don gives 100% of himself to whatever task he undertakes."
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