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Parks and Recreation Department

Administration Division

Maureen Zamarripa Parks and Recreation Administrator 916-405-5327 Email
Carolyn Baptista Management Analyst 916-405-5331 Email
Eileen Alcanices Administrative Specialist 916-405-7150 Email

Community Services Division

Kelly Gonzalez Community Services Superintendent 916-405-5354 Email
Jonnie Siemens Community Services Recreation Manager 916-405-5317 Email

Communications Section

Susie Rogers Marketing and Communications Supervisor 916-405-7174 Email
Anna Hooper Community Sponsorship and Marketing Specialist 916-405-5303 Email
Jenna Brinkman Communication Specialist 916-405-5339 Email
Brittany Cornejo Graphics Specialist I 916-405-7185 Email
Melissa Hobson Marketing Specialist 916-405-5338 Email
Chris Pontino Marketing Specialist 916-405-5340 Email

Special Events Section

Marni Lutz Recreation Supervisor 916-405-5304 Email
Brita Geiger Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5345 Email
Kimberly Pomales Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5329 Email
Heather Shortino Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5334 Email
Allegra Chisholm Sr. Recreation Specialist 916-405-5365 Email
Vacant Sr. Recreation Specialist    

Youth Section

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Chantal Panis Preschool Recreation Supervisor 916-405-5330 Email
Brian Chavez Preschool/RAD Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5363 Email
Bernadette Ramirez Preschool/Contracts Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5318 Email
Caroline Ross Preschool Sr. Recreation Specialist 916-405-5311 Email
Brittany Simon RAD/Contracts Sr. Recreation Specialist 916-405-5373
Michelle Vargas Teen/Kid Central Recreation Supervisor 916-405-5319 Email
Timory Moritz Acc.Req./Kid Central Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5364 Email
Javier Rivas Kid Central Sr. Recreation Specialist 916-405-5614 Email
Clyde Udasco Teen Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5377 Email
Samantha Vu Teen Sr. Recreation Specialist 916-405-5659 Email

Park Operations Division

Steve Sims Parks Superintendent 916-405-5322 Email
John Connolly Park Maintenance Manager 916-405-5650 Email
Justin Ellermeyer Park Maintenance Manager 916-405-5644 Email
Jeff Repetti Park Maintenance Manager 916-405-5645 Email
Otto Gisler Park Maintenance Supervisor 916-405-5648 Email
Brian Morphis Park Maintenance Supervisor 916-405-5613 Email
Hal Smith Park Maintenance Supervisor 916-405-5647 Email
Randy Stewart Park Maintenance Supervisor 916-405-5649 Email
Priscilla Oliver Project Manager 916-405-7183 Email
Rachele Manges Management Analyst 916-405-5305 Email
Pamela Dawson Administrative Assistant 916-405-5653 Email
Lauren Libre Office Specialist 916-405-5615 Email

Park Planning Division

Paul Mewton Chief of Planning, Design and Construction 916-405-5309 Email
Erik Vierra Landscape Assistant 916-405-5335 Email
Sheri Noblett Sr. Landscape Architect 916-405-5354 Email

Recreation Division

Vacant Recreation Superintendent 916-405-5661
Mike Dopson Recreation Manager (Interim Rec. Superintendent) 916-405-5632 Email

Aquatics Section

Tom Hellmann Recreation Supervisor (Interim Rec. Manager) 916-405-5631 Email
Lizy Campbell Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5634 Email

Facility Section

Angela Newman Facility Supervisor 916-405-5654 Email
Denise Blake Facility Coordinator 916-318-8228 Email
Vacant Facility Sr. Recreation Specialist 916-405-5600 Email
Front Office Staff Administrative Assistants 916-405-5600 916-405-5300

Golf Section

Gilbert Urbano Golf Course Manager 916-685-4653 Email
Justin Stebbins Maintenance Supervisor 916-685-4653 Email
Nelson Hirst Golf Course Specialist 916-685-4653 Email

Sport Section

Drew Golbin Recreation Supervisor 916-405-5608 Email
Josh Branco Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5604 Email
Rebecca Collier Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5675 Email
J Long Recreation Coordinator 916-405-5656 Email
Jamie Fawcett Administrative Assistant   Email