Park Operations

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The CSD Park Operations Division maintains approximately 1,000 acres of parks, corridors, and trails. Park Operations staff provide many services throughout the district including:
  • Repairing damaged park amenities
  • Abating graffiti
  • Maintaining sport fields (baseball, softball, soccer and multi-purpose)
  • Maintaining the District spraygrounds and pools
  • Keeping parks clean
  • Managing the District’s irrigation systems, emphasizing water conservation.

Maintenance occurs within 17 benefit zones and in district-wide facilities including Elk Grove Park, Bartholomew Sports Park, and Camden Creek. Landscape and Lighting assessments fund the majority of maintenance and operations costs with a small amount of miscellaneous revenue, such as cell tower leases, funding the remaining balance. Assessments are a separate funding source from the General Fund ensuring landscape maintenance does not impact CSD Fire, Administration and Recreation operations.

The Park Maintenance Hotline (916-405-5688) is available to report park maintenance and security issues on a 24/7 basis. Issues can also be reported using the Park Maintenance/Security Form.