American Red Cross Lifeguard Training

Program Information
Online and classroom program that enhances essential learning of the principals of being a lifeguard. Course begins with participation in an 8-hour online course and continues with instructor led skills and water work in the classroom. Learn rescue skills, first aid, CPR/AED, and professional lifeguard responsibilities.

Successful completion of this course will certify you in Lifeguard Training, First Aid, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, and Emergency Oxygen, all for 2 years.
Lifeguard Training3
  • Age 15+
  • Wackford Aquatic Complex, Blue Heron Room
  • $185
***Must register by 'Class Closes' date and have completed on-line work by 'Start Date' ***
Online information will be mailed out the day after 'Class Closes' date

  • 2-minute treading water
  • Brick retrieval in 7 feet of water
  • Pre-course swim test of 300 yards
You can view the YouTube video “CSD Aquatics ARC Lifeguard Prerequisite” for more information.
 Session   Class Closes  Start Date  Class Dates  Days Class Time 
 #59100 March 14 March 21 March 21 - 24 Monday - Thursday 9 am - 2:30 pm
 #59101 March 31 April 8 April 8
April 9 - 10
Saturday & Sunday
4:30 pm - 9 pm
9 am - 5 pm
 #59102 April 11 April 18 April 18 - 22
April 24

Mon., Wed., Fri.
4:30 pm - 9pm
9 am - 5 pm
Registration starts December 10, 2015. You can register online or at one of our facilities.

Lifeguard Positions Available
(Deadline: 4/20/16)
View job description and get applications at Applicants need to be 16 years of age and have completed American Red Cross Lifeguard Training. Classes fill quickly so enroll today!